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About Us


 Solid Solutions Software Company is pleased to submit a proposal for your company regarding to your system. This proposal describes the program elements, services, terms, and schedule for it.

Why Solid?  

 Solid Solutions Software Company is a top provider of expert software products. We will be glade to provide additional references upon request.

Who we are?  

We understand that business is all about change and that the competitive environment is always intense, so we work with you in a practical and flexible way to set the right software systems, digital and branding strategies & software solutions that would provide the right keys to your success, your glory is our glory.

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Our History

 As a software house, Solid was established in 2017 and supported by a wealth of knowledge and experience brought together by its team and founders making Solid the local creative software house that speaks the language and understands the software market and its uniqueness.

Since 2017, Solid has been growing and expanding to provide its multiple Software Products in Whole Middle East & Indonesia & Turkey.

Our skills coupled with expertise span the advertising space from UI/UX design & Graphic design through branding and software solutions And business development & social media marketing. Our strategies combine creative concepts, media- knowledge along with in- depth industry understanding in order to achieve qualitative and quantitative results.